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At Hamadeh Educational Services, we value our relationships with our students above all else, and we’re proud that those relationships continue long after graduation. Our alumni are simply the best, and their loyalty and generosity is unparalleled among public school alumni.

As vital members of the HES community, alumni support the HES mission and philosophy by serving as:

Role models. To our current students, alumni personify the value of an HES education, as 100% of our graduates are accepted into college and go on to successful careers as attorneys, educators, engineers, physicians, and more.

Goodwill ambassadors. As experts and leaders in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, HES alumni are the public face of an HES education.

Benefactors. Through their generous contributions of time, money, and other resources, our alumni help to provide the equipment and programs that keep HES academies on the leading edge of PreK-12 education.

Please contact HES to learn more about becoming an active member of the Alumni Association.

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