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Our Programs

To meet the challenges of a rapidly changing global society, the citizens and leaders of tomorrow must be strong in body, mind, and character. Hamadeh Educational Services offers programs that focus on the whole child, with academic studies and extracurricular activities designed to instill discipline and character and inspire critical thinking.

With uncommon dedication, our certified educators go the extra distance to understand the individual needs of each student and ensure each one’s success. Following are some of the highlights of our programs.

  • Tuition-free academies
  • Grades Pre-K through 12
  • Full-day kindergarten and pre-kindergarten
  • Comprehensive special education services for students with special needs
  • College preparatory education based on the Michigan core curriculum
  • Advanced placement classes and dual college enrollment
  • Arabic language taught in grades PreK-12
  • French and global languages taught in grades 9-12
  • English as second language program (ESL)
  • Scholarship program for college-bound students
  • Optional single-gender classes in critical high school subjects
  • Technology and computer literacy, including wireless laptops for 6th graders
  • High school electives based on student’s career planning and interests
  • Leadership formation: National Honor Society, student government, student clubs
  • Well-rounded curriculum includes physical education, arts, and music
  • Competitive high school & middle school athletics: 20+ teams for girls and boys
  • Character-building discipline
  • Uniform and dress code policy
  • Free and reduced-price lunch program

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